I will listen and serve you with equal justice, be impartial and fair. I will treat you with Dignity and Respect. I will have compassion and empathy and support your rights under the law. This is my commitment to you.


What's The Bottom Line: WHY VOTE FOR ME?

  • I am Qualified, Experienced, Respected, and I CARE! I want to HELP and SERVE YOU!
  • The JP's court is considered the "People's Court." As a working parent, I know how hard it is to take off from work so I plan to hold evening court in addition to day court to provide YOU flexibility.
  • I will work full-time. You pay my salary and I will not abuse that privilege and waste your tax dollars by treating it like a part-time position.
  • I plan to create information online to help EXPLAIN and GUIDE you through the court process. I will provide you with on-line forms and instructions to help you complete them before attending court. I want YOU to be well prepared and not overwhelmed by the legal system.

  • In my court, you will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I will serve you with equal justice, be impartial, and fair.
  • As your Justice of the Peace, I will listen, offer peaceful, personal conflict resolution, and seek preventive measures as punishment over fines in cases to reduce repeated crimes.
  • Especially when it involves teens who have drug addictions, and are underage drinkers. In many instances, the JP’s court is their first experience with the judicial system. I want their experience to be a positive one rather than a intimidating one.
  • Attentiveness to teens may deter them from committing harsher crimes, such as mass shootings or other violence acts. Our society has had too many of these instances!

High-Level Summary of Experience

  • 26 years public servant experience in the areas of Law, Legislation, Leadership, Management, Dispute Resolution, and Finance.
  • Private business owner of a small land investment company, working with legal processes such as deeds and contracts. Business requires regular interface with land owners, county clerks, appraisal districts, and tax offices.
  • Certified Arbitrator and Certified Mediator.
  • Degree in Paralegal. Studied Criminal Investigations, Civil, Torts, Contracts, Business Law, Litigation and Trial Practices. Worked as a Paralegal for the Texas Attorney General’s Office under Governor Greg Abbott’s leadership.
  • Well versed in the law and the language of the law. Experience in court processes such as pleadings, judgments, suits, depositions, motions, discover, opinions, affidavits, warrants and all other necessary legal documents.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Texas Administrative Code, Criminal Code, Civil Code, Family Code, Higher Education Code, Labor Code, Civil Rights Code, ADA Code, Government, Family Code, and Transportation Code.
  • Two decades of success working with the Texas Legislature, statewide leadership and regulatory agencies enacting laws, public policy initiatives, and statutory changes
  • Managed 42 million dollars in child care services program subsidies for low-income families towards enabling parents to work.
  • Worked as a Civil Servant for the United States Air Force in Logistics Readiness, International Affairs, and Latin American Affairs. Assisted U.S. attorneys and officers with the execution of operation strategic plans, legal agreements between countries, and other strategic and sensitive documentation. Held Secret Clearance.