​​Qualifications & Education

My personal and professional background has given me an understanding of the importance of service, integrity, honor, and ethics. My broad-based, high-level experience in law, legislation, leadership, management, dispute resolution, and finance enables me to judge issues fairly; to bring about civil resolution to complex disputes; to build common ground between all parties; to ensure a level playing field for all who enter my court; to manage the docket process and court personnel; to protect taxpayer dollars; to bring innovation to the office for continued improvement in operations.


Proven professional of 26 years, serving the public at the federal level and for the State of Texas.

Areas of Expertise: Law, Legislation, Leadership, Management, Dispute Resolution, and Finance.


Well versed in the law and the language of the law, legal writing, and legal research.

Degreed Paralegal. Studied Criminal Investigations, Civil, Torts, Contracts, Business Law, Litigation and Trial Practices.

Extensive knowledge of the Texas Administrative Code, Criminal Code, Civil Code, Family Code, Higher Education Code, Labor Code, Civil Rights Code, ADA Code, Government, Family Code, and Transportation Code.

Paralegal for the Texas Attorney General’s Office under Governor Greg Abbott’s leadership.

Experience in court processes such as pleadings, judgments, suits, depositions, motions, discovery, opinions, affidavits, warrants and all other necessary legal documents.

Validated court cases in 70 counties against claims from county officials for reimbursement of court costs.

Certified Mediator

Certified Arbitrator


Two decades of success working with the Texas Legislature, statewide leadership and regulatory agencies enacting laws, public policy initiatives, and statutory changes ​Researched and interpreted applicable laws, rules, and regulations including proposed legislation and other public policy decisions.

Worked directly with the Legislative Budget Board (LBB), State Auditor’s Office (SAO), Texas Public Finance Authority (TPFA), and other oversight authorities.

Experience in the rule making processes and principles.

Working as a Legislative Liaison afforded me the opportunity to build consensus amongst diverse interests; to interpret state and federal law such as the Labor Code and Civil Rights/ADA policies; and to work closely with the Texas Legislature including the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker on legislation, public speeches, and constituent issues.


Proven Leader: Able to lead others under high demand, complex situations.

Respected Leader: Held high-level leadership positions for enterprise-wide projects.

Strategic communicator with vision and judgement.

Graduate of the Texas Governor’s Center for leadership development.

Graduate of Center for Creative Leadership which is ranked 5th in worldwide executive education.

Budget & Finance:

Fiscal conservative.

Steward of taxpayer dollar.

Among competing priorities, I can call on my financial knowledge of budgeting principles.

Approaches spending as a taxpayer - using problem-solving, logic, and common sense.

Managed 42 million dollars in child care services program subsidizes for low-income families towards enabling parents to work.

Can balance my own checkbook, a fading art :-)


Degreed in Human Resource Management. Operates an office efficiently and with organization. I will apply this not only to the management of your public office, but for the dockets as well.

Will not be wasteful of tax payer dollars.

Certified Project Manager (PMP)

Certified Quality Management Baldridge Examiner

Military Experience:

Worked as a Civil Servant for the United States Air Force in Logistics Readiness, International Affairs, and Latin American Affairs.

Assisted U.S. attorneys and officers with the execution of operation strategic plans, legal agreements between countries, and other strategic and sensitive documentation.

Held Secret Clearance.

Awarded a unit commendation for Operation Desert Storm.

Co-Owner of small Land Investment company:

Private business owner working with legal processes such as deeds and contracts.

Business requires regular interface with land owners, county clerks, appraisal districts, and tax offices.