About Me

I am a seventh generation Texan. Law is in my blood. Like my ancestors that fought in wars such as the Texas Revolution, I am here to fight for you and for justice. My family has served as Mayors, ​Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, (JP), and Texas Rangers.

My father was a Deputy Sheriff and at an early age, I learned to love and respect the law. Serving as a Justice of the Peace has been a life-long dream, and now I am carrying out the legacy of my father and my family by running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5.

I believe God takes you on paths to prepare you and grow for things to come. My path has led me to this point in life to run for the JP office. My path has been one that has taken many roads and built on broad experiences – all of which have given me a solid foundation of law, legislation, management, professionalism, leadership, ethics, and common-sense to run for the Office of JP.

The timing of running for JP is right. I don't feel this is by accident. I was prepared by God to take this path. He gave me the solid foundation needed and the opportunity to retire from the State of Texas after 24 years of service.

My desire to be your Justice of the Peace is one of caring and wanting to do the right thing for people. Providing Justice to all is very important to me.

In my court, you will be treated with dignity and respect. I will apply the law without prejudice and will serve you with equal justice, impartiality and fairness. Just as I want for myself.

Karen Marshall