Why pursue the office as a Justice of the Peace?

The Justice of the Peace is the legal jurisdiction closest to the people; hence the nickname "the People's Court."

The Justice of the Peace level is often the first, and for many, the only experience with the justice system they'll ever have. As your Justice of the Peace, I will make this experience as pleasant and positive as I can. I promise to listen to you, and offer peaceful, personal resolutions by using my vast years of experience using mediation techniques and being a liaison between multiple parties. I will seek preventive measures as a punishment over fines in cases to reduce recidivism. I will bring civil resolution to complex disputes, build a common ground between all parties, and ensure a level playing field for all who enter my court.

For the young people out there, my court may also be your first experience with the judicial system. I promise to be attentive to your needs and help you to stay on the right side of justice. I want to help you rise above the challenges that you are facing today such as drugs, drinking, truancy, reckless behavior, and peer pressure. I will help to find the root of the problem and determine solutions to reduce the likelihood of the crime happening again. Sometimes teens just get off track with life. For those teens, I may consider community service instead of fines. I want to help teens get back on track to help achieve their life goals.

This position is a full-time job and not a part-time position as some JP's have treated this job before me. You are paying my salary and I will do my diligence, not to waste your money. I will be available to you. I'm a very approachable, personable, genuine and a caring person. Consider me your next-door neighbor. You will see me at the HEB. You will see me at community events. I am a reflection of you. Again, in my court, you will be treated with dignity and respect. I will serve you with equal justice, be impartial, and fair.